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Aido’s offers pasta for children. Our recipes are easy to prepare. We know your kids will love our fuss-free, easy, and quick recipes. Our pasta dishes are  simple,very flavorful and cheesy. I have made this pasta recipe with fresh tomatoes, and hence there is no need for any pasta sauce. Imagine a pasta recipe without a commercial pasta sauce, but still absolutely delicious, and kids will love it We promise!

Italian Pizza

Aidos's restauran offers many kinds of pizza in Annascaul including: Prosciutto di Parma, ricotta cheese, pepperoni, red onions, french mozzarella, and pizza sauce, drizzled with pesto sauce.

Macroni and Cheese

This is easy to adapt and we offer with or withour meat. We offer it with ripe cherry tomatoes, Irish cheddar, mozzarella with fresh basil, and Italian extra-virgin olive oil. We then garnish with pine nuts,

Daily Deal!

Vegetable or Meat Pizza

All made fresh on the day with salad and roast vegetables

€ 18


Our restaurant in Annascaul is connected to the pottery. We have been serving great soups for years and by preparing daily, everything from scratch the food always tastes really good. We make soups each day with the ingredients we buy locally.   

Eat- Lassagne Frittata at Annascaul Cafe and Potter


Our soups are made from the freshest ingredients and range from tomato, mushroom, squash and any other vegetablkes available on the day. We offer take away soups for those on the go.

Restaurant in Annascaul - Food and Coffee in Annascaul


Again the finest meat from the butcher section. Our stews are delicious and nutrious. Serverd with savoury vegetables scone or wholemeal bread. For more information on stews and our Instagram page

Restaurant in Annascaul serving great Happy pear Friitatta


We do a really wonderful Happy Pear lassagne or Frittata. They are the "ultimate" in vegetarian and vegan and our recipe is quite similar. Have a look here for ingredients and method

Savoury Scones at our restaurant in Annascaul

Savoury Scones

We prepare fresh savopury scones each day at the restaurant in Annascaul. Using over 15 different recipes we are able to offer vegetarian and meat scones to accompany our stews and soups


We have many kinds of dessert  but our specialities from our restaurant in Annascaul are the Tom Crean Brownies, Annascaul Lemon Drizzle Cake and our Bakewell which is a famous from the Annascaul region. None the less if you just want pancakes  then coming to this restaurant in Annascaul is a must. 

lemon drizzle at our restaurant in Annascaul

Annascaul Lemon Drizzle Cake

This is a must if you ever come to Annascaul for food. Simple ingredients but with plenty of lemon zest and lemon juice

Homemade Bakewell tart in Annascaul

The Bakewell from our Restaurant in Annascaul

We offer a really good bakewell lovely franipane usings blanched whole almonds which we serve with crème fraîche , or natural yoghurt

Try these Homemade Pancakes in Annascaul


We serve these all day pancakes with maple syrup, honey, and berries These are delicious and we can make them part of the over all breakfast and offer them with sausage and bacon.

Tom Crean Brownies

They say Tom Crean loved brownies. Our brownies are served with ice cream or cream. Aido's brownies are moist, gooey, and delicious and don't use artificial anything

Consider Gift Vouchers from Annascaul cafe and Pottery !

Consider a gift for a birhtday, valentine’s, father and mother’s day, or even as a celebration of any kind


Consider Gift Vouchers from Annascaul cafe and Pottery !

Consider a gift for a birhtday, valentine’s, father and mother’s day, or even as a celebration of any kind