Walk from Annascaul to Dingle and you will pass the Tom Crean statue ( The gaelic of Anascaul is (Abhainn an Scáil). There is more information about the village on Annascaul here. The village is the birth place of Antarctic explorer Tom Crean and renowned sculptor Jerome Connor . O Connors work is awesome and worth checking him out. The Dingle Way briefly joins the busy Tralee-Dingle road (N86) before turning left and then right finding a quieter road that twists and turns for a little over 4km before finally descending to sea level near the magnificent ruin of the 16th century Minard Castle (Caisleán na Mine Airde), a tower house built by the Fitzgeralds, Knights of Kerry, to protect against Cromwellian forces.

the scenery from minard to dingle

Leaving Minard, the Dingle Way rises steeply and follows an Irish boreens that weave upwards to Lispole for abour 2km. This is truly a farm land walk where you will feel truly alone but never afraid as there is so much to take in and see.. Before you cross the N86 road at Lispole (Lios Póil) you will see the remains of the Lispole Railway Viaduct built in 1934. This is an interesting bridge is part Tralee-Dingle Railway which operated from 1893 to 1953.

The trail heads north in the direction of Croaghskearda (Cruach Sceirde) Mountain (608m) on a minor road for a few kms before cutting across farmland and rising onto the lower mountain slopes through Lios Deargáin, where you can see the remains of an old fort which christened the townland. This part of the Dingle Way lasts for around 5km and can be difficult underfoot, care must be taken. A bridge crossing the Garfinny River sees the Dingle Way realigning itself in a south-westerly direction and heading straight for the town of Dingle. The trail traverses the Conor Pass road and then descends towards Dingle, going from track to road, and finally arriving in Dingle via the Spa Road.

walk from annascaul to dingle

map from anascaul to  dingle as part of dingle way camino walk

The walking route from Annascaul to Dingle

Material for this article is taken from the Dingle Way. There are better images here

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