Art Exhibition in Annascaul with PETRA KLONOWSKI – we are delighted to host the February 2023 rotating  exhibition.  Petra Klonowski was born in Bavaria, Germany. She moved to Ireland in 2014 and lives in Annascaul. She loves Ireland and its creativity which she is able to harness in her own work.

Petra’s style of painting is a refined abstract fluid acrylic painting. She loves  the extraordinary, unique styles of each piece. There is an interplay of colors and consistency.

Painting is a  stimulus for her own creativity.

Art Exhibition in Annascaul – loose yourself

Free flowing acrylic style

Painting is a  stimulus for her own creativity.

It is a great honour for Petra that her creativity is selling and her work is finding its way into Peoples’ homes.

Art Exhibition in Annascaul  with Petra Klonowski
Catch Petra’s work at Annascaul Cafe which is currently on display

Her work is quite reasonable in terms of price starting at €50 euro for some pieces.

This Art Exhibition in Annascaul and the ” Loose Yourself ” is on display at Annascaul Cafe for 3 weeks from February 2nd.  Call 0868035464 for more details or drop in for a coffee , breakfast or lunch and take  a look at her work.

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