Annascaul Cafe and Pottery

Aido’s opened Annascaul Cafe and Pottery in May 2021 as a family  cafe / restaurant business. Prior to that, the family  only produced pottery at this location

The Story of this Annascaul Restaurant

Annascaul Cafe and Pottery

The building that you see in picture to the right is synonymous with pottery creation.  In the 70’s Niall and Monica Phelan moved to Annascaul from the hustle of London Life.  Together they created a  very successful pottery business. 

Monica Phelan

Generations in the Making at the Pottery

In 2021 Aoife and Aidan reopend the business as Aido’s Annascaul Cafe . This should be  a place to meet and have a  coffee  or have a lunch after a long walk on the Dingle Way. Annascaul is a  local walking region  and the Cafe is a great place to meet and to relax after a few hours out in the open  

It's All About The Family

Monica  was very artistic and she used  her abilities to rediscover her love of pottery. Niall Phelan,  Monica’s husband was the sales person where he  opened a sales outlet in Dick Mack’s yard in Dingle. He sold to tourists and locals alike for over 40 years. 

When their  children were older they too started to produce their own pottery under the Annascaul Pottery umbrella. Aoife and Zack both made beautiful ceramic pieces of work that were sold in Dingle and in Annascaul. In 2016 Annascaul pottery shut its doors. The  market had changed.  

Annascaul Cafe and Pottery for food and pottery

Homemade pottery seemed to have lost its lustre and was not able to achieve the sales of earlier periods. Fashion had switched to more affordable delf  However that was a  temporary shutdown.

It seems that with Covid and its lockdown buying habits have changed once again. There is a  deep appreciation for items that are not mass-produced. As a result, Aoife Gillespie ( Ni Phelan ) has changed the focus of the business.  The building you  now see is  producing pottery once again. We are delighted that Annascaul Pottery is  now back in the game again offering a very worth while experience.

Annascaul Cafe and Pottery Food

Incredible food at the pottery starts here

Aido’s offers great food in Annascaul  to walkers, surfers and tourists. Inch is a summer and beach destination. Drop in when you are in the area again. Check out what our customers are saying

Heritage You Can Taste

You wont exactly taste the clay in your food but you will see that this is a working pottery where the building has great charm and calm

This Cafe is Authentic

Soups and Toasties

Need a  quick soup and toasties. All soups are homemade. The toasties are made with grilled cheese and are ideal comfort food. These cost €12. You can see our menu here

Handmade "Secret" Ingredients

Try our nourishing soups. Our warming recipes range from classic tomato soup, mushroom that are blended and full of iron and low in fat. They are filling and healthy.

Soup Flavors

To improve flavour we add roasted onion, tomato puree or paste, mushrooms, seaweed, soy sauce, tamari. These ingredients add a umami flavor for depth..

Consider Gift Vouchers from Annascaul cafe and Pottery !

Consider a gift for a birhtday, valentine’s, father and mother’s day, or even as a celebration of any kind


Consider Gift Vouchers from Annascaul cafe and Pottery !

Consider a gift for a birhtday, valentine’s, father and mother’s day, or even as a celebration of any kind