consider Walking with a guide along the Dingle Way

Not everyone will consider using a guide when walking the Dingle Way. Most people may be on a budget or may not wish to be tied down to a schedule when on holiday when vacationing. However if you do decide to take a  guide when walking the Dingle Way then I suggues  that you consider the services of Adrian Hendroff.

Adrian is a Irish Photographer, guidebook writer and qualified Mountain Leader.In fact if you wish he can teach all the skills one would need to safely get around a mountain safely

he has been offering Photography Workshops & Tours for several yearsvacatiuoning

Reasons to take with a guide on the Dingle Peninsula

Adrian writes about the area from the point that he knows what the peninsukla is about. He  knows it and he wishes to convery all that  he believe  you will like and enjoy also . His guide books are really well written and have lovely maps and descriptions about the fauna,and flora in the area. he has a great understanding of the  folklore, and history. Lastly Adrian understands the  geology and place names of each area  and the etymology  of the words

In his books he writes about Mount Eagle. He is able to talk about the  spectacular coastal road around Slea Head. Adrian can introduce his clients to the wonderful  Dunmore Head, the last point on the peninsula.  He is aware  that some routes are difficult  and will point these  to cater  for your levels of fitness.  The hike up Dunmore Head  summit is a perfect introduction to the hillsides and lets you know exactly why walking the Dingle way / peninsula is so popular  with people like you.


Come and enjoy the wonderful  spectacular Dingle Peninsula. They consider this among the Top 100 destinations in the world according to  TripAdvisor. National Geographic, say that it is one the most beautiful places on earth – That is some compliment. The landscape includes soaring mountaintops, gentle hillsides, secluded lakes and valleys, ancient ruins, dramatic sea cliffs and long, sandy beaches.

Adrian will  take you off the beaten track when strolling the Dingle way to find these  stunning landscape in a variety of walking routes ranging from short hikes to full-day treks. From the wild extremities of the Great Blasket Island to the majestic heights of Mount Brandon and the comfort of the Dingle Way, there’s something for all tastes. Each route is given a summary and illustrated with maps and photographs. Route descriptions include GPS coordinates, navigation guidance, access notes and short variations. There is also material on the fauna, flora, folklore, history, geology and place names of each area.

The following  are all places you will find when walking the Dingle Way  and are places that Adrian can bring you to if you wish:

Great Blasket Island

An Ceann Dubh Extension

Mount Eagle and Dunmore Head 3 Cruach Mharthain and Clogher Head

Sybil Head and The Three Sisters

Ballydavid Head and Beenmore

Plaras Mor and Masatiompan


Brandon Mountain from the East and from the West

A Must – Brandon Mountain via Paternoster Lakes

Ballysitteragh, Beennabrack and An Bhinn Dubh

Slevanea loop from Conor Pass

Ballyduff to Anascaul

The 3 peads of  Meelin in Annascaul

Walking the Dingle Way along Beenbo, Slevenagower, Slevenalecka and An Cnapán Mor

Cnoc Mhaollonáin and An Shinog Thuaidh

Stradbally Mountain, Beenoskee, An Com Ban and Binn an Tuair

Magharees Loop

Glanteenassig Forest and Lakes

Consider Glanteenassig High Level Circuit 

Derrymore Horseshoer

Copyright: Some images have been provided by William Glasgow Howe and Adrian Hendroff

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Consider a gift for a birhtday, valentine’s, father and mother’s day, or even as a celebration of any kind


Consider Gift Vouchers from Annascaul cafe and Pottery !

Consider a gift for a birhtday, valentine’s, father and mother’s day, or even as a celebration of any kind