coffee shop in annascaul

You may be looking for a coffee shop in Annascaul. The usual question on Google is  Coffee shop near here . Well have we got news for you. Aido’s is that coffee shop. It is a favourite of locals and has a really quirky and openess to it.  – Aido’s offers Lavazza as its go to.  Moreover it is really well filtered with Sage Machines. Aido’s offers a unique experience , lovely vibe and naturally great coffee and treats. 

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The best coffee shop in the village

If you want to get a coffee in Annascaul then check out Aido’s. This beautiful coffee shop, restaurant  pottery is  on the main street. The bus actually stops outside the building and is across from Hanafins Bar. Aido’s offers all coffee types, including  espresso, latte, and cappuccino. Another option is to try their new Iced or hot gingerbread oat chai lattes 

Our spiced chai tea blend is paired with gingerbread-flavored syrup and creamy oatmilk on ice.


This fantastic coffee shop  offers home made cakes all made by the  owner who naturaly enough is called Aido. Aido starts his day making sandwiches for the 15,000 walkers that come through the village each year. His sandwiches are all bespoke where it is best to call or email in your order in advance. However he will take walk ins for take away sandwiches but it is best to give a bit of notice.

There is ample seating room with 40 places inside and an aditional 30 outside. The cafe has a wonderful viewing area  for bird watching as the cafe sits above a river and there are many tress surrounding the back entrance to the building.

Did you know 


Coffee has been around since 800 A.D. It seems a goat farmer noticed that caffeine affected his goats after eating coffee beans. Afterwards they danced after munching them.  It is amazing how this industry is advancing For example each year the world consumes roughly 10 billion kilos of coffee. That number is staggering. Generally though 53% of people say that main factor when they buy coffee is down to taste.  In additional if it estimates that if a person consumes 3 cups of coffee ina day the risk of cardiovascular ddecreases by 19%..

The nicest coffee shop in Annascaul.

Aido’s is what you get when you google ” coffee shop near me “It is no wonder that Aido’s is the coffee shop that comes back on searches. Aido’s has grown organically with over three searches every minute. They are in operation since the end of Covid Lock down. They start the morning at 7am  to ensure all is ready when the first customers come in the door at 8.30am. Aido’s cakes are fresh and include a scrumptiopus bakewell made from scratch . Pastry to die for and reduced fruits made from strawberries, rasberries and oranges. The Aido’s team bake every thing to perfection 

Aido’s serves Lazazza. This is no accident. Aido’s knows that Lavazza masters the art of mixing and experimenting with its beans. Lavazza creates extraordinary blends that leave a lasting impression. They are doing this this for over 100 years and every sip is enjoyable.  Therefore get a coffee in Annascaul at Aido’s Pottery and enjoy a Lavazza. 

The cafe offers healthy breakfast and lunch and can make bespoke lunches if you require it.  Pastries sell out quickly but ask for a “Scaul” Pancake in such cases.   Delicious we promise.

Aido’s also serves cold drinks, such as iced coffee, smoothies, milk shakes  and iced tea. In addition they serve decaffeinated teas and coffees as well. If you are hungry  you wont go wrong with a lassagne, a curry or a  stew which are on offer most days.

Their delicious treats that are vegan and gluten-free options. Additionally they offer great breakfast and lunches

They offer scones, brownies, apple crumble cakes, and their pancakes are to die for. This is particulary so if you decide to have them with icrecream and berries. See our menu here.

Consider Gift Vouchers from Annascaul cafe and Pottery !

Consider a gift for a birhtday, valentine’s, father and mother’s day, or even as a celebration of any kind


Consider Gift Vouchers from Annascaul cafe and Pottery !

Consider a gift for a birhtday, valentine’s, father and mother’s day, or even as a celebration of any kind