TheKerryMam Events is a wonderful website supporting community events for family in Kerry

121k page views in 2022 from 29.5k visitors. Have a  look at theior shop 

The Kerrymam events indicates the community Play ground in Kerry

Directory of Playgrounds

Comprehensive list of Community Playgrounds in Kerry

TheKerryMam Events

Discover activities for kids in Kerry from clubs and classes to family activities, party suppliers, summer camps, pregnancy supports and more from all across the County.

The Kerry Mam Supports Mental Health

The Kerrymam supports South Kerry Development Partnership in collaboration with Jigsaw Kerry are offering a free workshop for parents on ‘Supporting Young Peoples Mental Health’

The Kerrymam Events

If you are looking for details of classes and activities for kids & families in County Kerry then you will love the work that TheKerryMam Events website does in terms of including businesses and communities Kerry Ireland on their web site. They are a community group but there is also a commercial element to the site. They promote and works with all of the following business activities and groups. See full list here

Their site provides  advice and information to New Parents.  TheKerryMam  informs people  that have children and lets them know of the various camps that are upcoming and existing ones  running in Kerry county

This amazing site has a  big section on Family Fun activities for toddlers & preschoolers. It describes the playgrounds  that parents would love to know where they are and even the size and the amount of children rides that each has

They have many listings with at least 15 providers  in many of these categories a s to the following  Club and Classes in Kerry and in the various villages and towns around the county region

Athletics has over 10 listing of  where best to get more information about athletics and the wealth of public  and private organisations  that provide places to go to that can assist your child to  get a foot up in this area.

Arts & Crafts  26 listings

Basketball – 20 listings

Boxing 7 listings

Cooking & Baking 6 listings

Cricket  1 listing

Dance 24 listings

Fitness  10 listings

GAA   6  listings

Girlguides 1 listing

Golf  9 listings

Gymnastics 7 listings

Horseriding 11 listings

Martial Arts 15 listings

Musical Theatre / Performing Arts  15 list


The Visitor Numbers are really good for the Kerrymam Events Website

The site has wealth of information on Nature, Orienteering, Rowing, Rugby , Swimming regions and pools. Water sport  activities  in kerry . They cover Science & Technology where Yoga & Mindfulness  has over 13 listings where children and adults can take classes in Kerry

There’s no cost to be listed on the Kerrymam Events website.  As long as the information is relevant to families in Kerry they are happy to create a listing. They will even add links to a provider’s site and social media accounts for people to go to for most up to date info available.

The Kerry Mam do seek donations and are appreciated but not compulsory. If a kerry company or business  service provider make a donation TheKerryMam can add a featured listing for a couple of weeks so that it shows up at the top of searches.  The person at the Kerry Mam is Dee and she has a  great understanding of SEO and its importance to businesses

The KerryMam Events refers to the visitors coming to the site


The site had 121k page views in 2022 from 29.5k visitors.

Top 5 countries for visitors:
1) Ireland (no surprises there!!)
2) UK
3) USA
4) Spain
5) Germany

If you have any queries contact Dee at this email and at @thekerrymam on Instagram and Facebo

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Consider a gift for a birhtday, valentine’s, father and mother’s day, or even as a celebration of any kind


Consider Gift Vouchers from Annascaul cafe and Pottery !

Consider a gift for a birhtday, valentine’s, father and mother’s day, or even as a celebration of any kind