This site is for any business that needs card rates for card payments. Do you have card terminals in your store.? Do you have payment gateways on your website ? This article is a place to start and a good place to know that the package you are on is good.

We specialize in payment and merchant card services in Ireland. Getting excited about card terminal machines or even cards is not easy. Without them our economy would not function in the background. Naturally, the card machines talk to each other over our cloud based integration service. In Munster we are offering card rates for card payments to clients in Kerry, Cork, Limerick, Tipperary and Clare for their retail store terminals. Our clients include: barbers , hair salons, mechanics, taxis,medical and dental professionals etc.

How do we assist our merchants in Kerry in terms of card rates for card payments

lady using payment terminal at counter . She  has great card rates for card payments
Deli Card Payment Example

We assist with website payments and terminal gateways for Munster and Kerry merchants. We work with many of the shopping carts available that integrate seamlessly with Paymentsense.

The Shopping Gateways we Support include:

The website gateways and the shopping carts we integrate with are CactuShop, CS Cart, CubeCart and Drupal Commerce. Other examples include Mals E-Commerce, nBill, Openmind Commerce, osCommerce. Supporting PrestaShop, Shopcreator. ShopFitter, ShopIntegrator, Tomato Cart, UberCart,VirtueMart, VP-ASP Cart and Woo Commerce. Integrating with these shoppong carts is advantageous and helps us gains the trust of our clients. We have some Woo Commerce resources here for download

Feel free to get in touch for a free analysis of the card rates for card payments you are getting. You will be glad you did. It will help you know if you are currently getting the best deal and service in the market. We offer free daily analysis of your statement or we can come to your premises and quote you there.