Business Finance for Merchants ?

The Numbers speak for themselves

Market Findings

70,000 Customers
10 Billion pounds in sales
250,000 yearly transactions
European economy 90% cashless
Cashless Transactions - 97% in Sweden
Cashless Transactions - 97% in UK / Irl
More Findings can be found here

Covid Planning

Luckily it is not all doom and gloom. This is what we have come up with.
Through our partners, we are able to offer the following. It is true – 6 months free is great in any language

Credit Card Terminal

Cost of credit card processing

Customer Support

Do  you remember when you could call and someone would answer the phone?

Paymentsense does just that where they handle over 900 calls a  day. Real calls and real people interactions.  Not webchat but personal interactions. That is what it should be about.

Food and Drink -  Retail and Garage / Automotive clients are amongst the most satisfied -

Customers rate the overall experience as positive

Our New Terminal Introducig Dojo Go

Dojo go is a new product that is coming in early February

Dojo Go Terminal

Dojo Go Terminal

European Research

An interesting article in relation to where contactless payments are going. The following is from trends in the UK in Oct 2020. The finding are similar to trends outlined by Bloomberg in September where the figures are about 90% contactless in Western Europe and 98% in Sweden.

Business Finance for Merchants in Munster

  1. We  know that many SMEs are aware of  many banking and Merchant Provider funding choices for their business
  2. The market outside of traditional banks for external funding is growing
  3. The  funding us usually  needed for cash flow and not  usually for expansion operations
  4.  Businesses are likely to consider alternative providers to banking institutions, and not consider credit cards as a means of financing.
  5. Instead of using traditional loan a merchant cash advance may be preferable as it provides extra flexibility and is considered a lower-liability to the business


How  do I qualify for Merchant Cash Advance

Paymentsense  can fund between €1000 and €750,000 per business.  They are offering business finance for merchants,. They even provide funds if businesses are in temporary lockdown due to Covid 3 Lockdown.  The amount Paymentsense will fund any business that after it does due diligence and can make a decision quickly. 3-6  month statements will need to be provided and repayments will be as a percentage of card takings .

What can I use the funds for ?

Most businesses will require short term funding. No collateral is needed and there is no need to change banks.  No business  plan is needed either and payments  are flexible, in that you  pay back based on a percentage your days' earnings.  Funds can be used for:

  • Renovation
  • Trade Shows
  • Inventory/stock
  • Website development
  • Emergency funding
  • Marketing/Training

More information can be see at this link from Paymentsense

Offering Business Finance for Merchants

10 Bn UKP

Annual Sales


Calls Per Day


Yearly Transactions

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