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Wow ! Payment Processing Fees and Non Qualified Transactions

Payment processing fees and Non Qualified Transactions. There are so  many rates in the market. Each merchant is paying differently.  Very strange isn’t it?   I  mean if I  go and buy a coke or a packet of chewing gum  the prices are generally the same but not with rates. I  mean payment processing fees and […]

Apply for Business Funding in Munster

Merchant Cash Advance in Munster

Paymentsense  can fund between €1000 and €750,000 per business.  They are offering business finance for merchants. They even provide funds if businesses are in temporary lockdown due to Covid 3 Lockdown.  The amount Paymentsense will fund any business that after it does due diligence and can make a decision quickly. 3-6  month statements will need […]

Payment Processing and its History

Local Terminal Card Processing for Kerry Merchants In considering local terminal card processing the golden rule is card processing must be cost-effective. It must be non cumbersome for the consumer and the processor. Cost-effective payment processing is fascinating. Card payments transform the way we pay for things – money and credit are now more accessible […]

Best Merchant Rates in Cork and Kerry

For the best merchant and processing rates in Kerry contact Merchant Services Munster today. It will be one of the better decisions you will take this week. We only know a  transparent way of doing business. It is silly not to be upfront about all our costs. We value you as a  customer and know […]

Best Merchant Services Quote in Ireland

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Merchant Credit Card Insights and Videos

In considering merchant credit card insights we need to firstly offer great merchant credit card processing. Secondly, we  partner with Paymensense and sell in the UK and in Ireland. Lastly our fees are transparent and incredibly competitive. Our sales figures are available on this page and do in fact indicate what we say and do.