Card Payment by Phone, Email or Online

No Need for a terminal or physical card . Take Payment by Phone, Email or Online

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Card Payments by Phone, Email or Online.

It is now possible to take paymnent by Phone, Email or Online without having a terminal or card. Taking cards with a secure  payment gateway is what Munster Services Munster offer.  Secure payment gateways are almost a given nowadays where 0% downtime is the norm.  Our rates are the the lowest and we are  happy to analyse  your  statement to  confirm this.  With full transparency with our payments app you can monitor your transactions. This  includes declined payments and refunds and full report to manage customer questions and concerns. 

It is great to be able to to take card payments on your site. When customers  come to  your site it is important that they can pay easily.. This is what it is all about right ?  We are have plugins that integrate with the most popular shopping carts  and we  can customise checkout pages, we’ll get you taking card payments online within a day with the best levels of security.  –

Card Payments by Phone, 

With phone card payments, your customers can  call  to pay you with their credit or debit card. It is that easy.  A  secure virtual terminal is set up for you so all you need do is  enter their payment information on your computer, tablet or mobile.  We  can assist with cancellation fees or long-term commitments?.  We do all we can to keep this as straightforward as possible.

The numbers for Card Payments by Phone, Email or Online  Phone Payments –

The figures above tell it all where Paymentsense assist 70,000 businesses and do €10 billion worth of card sales each year – which is accomplished through store interactions, online purchases , and through MOTO operation.

Paymentsense can  save you 25% and up to 40%  over what your current provider is charging. Paymentsense will pay up to €3,000 of your exit fees. Additionally 24/7 support and next day replacement if anything were to go wrong. 

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