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Wow ! Payment Processing Fees and Non Qualified Transactions

Payment processing fees and Non Qualified Transactions. There are so  many rates in the market. Each merchant is paying differently.  Very strange isn’t it?   I  mean if I  go and buy a coke or a packet of chewing gum  the prices are generally the same but not with rates. I  mean payment processing fees and […]

Aidan Gillespie is a payment terminal provider

Merchant Credit Card Insights and Videos

In considering merchant credit card insights we need to firstly offer great merchant credit card processing. Secondly, we  partner with Paymensense and sell in the UK and in Ireland. Lastly our fees are transparent and incredibly competitive. Our sales figures are available on this page and do in fact indicate what we say and do.

Processing customer sales and transactions

I love selling Paymentsense

Paymentsense sell card services to merchants that accept payment by means of cards. Paymentsense will contract the selling of their services to sole traders or contractors like Merchant Services Munster.

Dojo Payment services terminal

Dojo Go Payment Terminal – Truly Remarkable

Point of Sale and Payment Integrations The new Dojo Go Payment Terminal integrates with your point of sale system. Transaction times are instant and end of day reconciliations are easy to complete. Dojo go offer real-time insights and trend analysis where you can keep track of the business incomings and outgoings. If you need more […]

New Era for electronic payment systems in kerry

SME’s Need to Improve Processing Card Rates

Improve your Processing Card Rates. It is not as hard as you think It is quite easy to do as there are so many variables. Call us and we will go through it in minute detail and explain it as if to a 7-year-old child.   It is important to evaluate the exact cost of processing […]