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I don’t understand my card charges

Payment Solutions for Businesses – You deserve the best If you are like me, I bet your card provider in Munster does not make it easy to understand the card charges. ” I don’t understand my card charges “. It is not rocket science but they make it so hard to make head nor sense


This is a really good online app that can be used with Android./ Apple. Perfect if you wish to listen an article rather that read it. Listle is an app that allows people to listen to an huge library of current audio articles from various resources Al least 15 new audio articles are added every

Blog – Marty Cooper and Mobiles

I loved this article from RTE last night on Marty Cooper and his development of the mobile phone. Almost 40 years ago since he called his competitor buddy at AT&T from the street ( Sixth Avenue ) in New York. It’s hard to think that invention would create such an industry to progress lives no end world

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