Arts Festival in Annascaul Oct 2nd

Welcome to Annascaul Arts Festival 2021 organized by Annascaul Adventures with prizes  of 100  Euro  for the best art piece Rules and Guidelines This event is open to all ages and groups. You will get the chance to draw with experienced professionals. Entry costs 25 Euro ( plus ticket fee )  where you can avail […]

The importance of wild mushrooms – Bill O Dea Event

We are looking forward to having Bill O Dea stop by in Annascaul on Sat, 21 Aug at 11:00 a.m to talk about mushrooms and their place in the eco system. He loves all issues biodiversity and enjoys foraging for mushrooms and other wild foods, Bill enjoys sharing his knowledge on this fascinating subject. His […]

The best scones on the Kerry Camino

Where to find the best scones on the Kerry Camino It seems that scones originated as a scottish form of bread. Aido’s use flour today  when making them but in the past  people used oats as the main ingredient. In 2021 , almost 600 years since their origin  Annasaul cafe has come up with a […]

Facebook Marketing

Marketing on a budget with Facebook

Facebook is a great marketing tool Facebook is a great  tool to  build awareness. The platform allows  for businesses to  identify their target  audience and to market to them. If I  am selling a hair  product  it  is  easy  for me to  identify my audience. It is possible to find hairdressers, hair salons and barbers through […]

cheerful smiling woman with eyes closed raising arms in studio

Terrifically Charismatic – Emilia Clarke

t’s not just that someone is likable. Charismatic people draw attention. They automatically energize you and motivate you to step up and take action. Charismatic people have something that we all wish for, and that is a  lightness and a  different way of experiencing things.