The best scones on the Kerry Camino

Great scones for those walking the kerry Camino and Dingle Way

It seems that scones originated as a scottish form of bread. We  use  flour  today  when making them but in the past  people used oats as the main ingredient. In 2021 , almost 600 years  since their origin  Annasaul cafe has come up  with a great recipe. The cafe  bakes  scones  for kerry camino walkers and our usual customers using the recipe:

130 butter, chilled
480g self-raising flour
2 tsp baking powder
250ml buttermilk
1 egg
100g peel or raisins / sultanas
2 tablespoons of sugar

Orange zest is  optional  but Annascaul cafe  belive that this is a crucial ingredient and helps to keep the scones moist and adds sweetness as a substitute for sugar. In fact less sugar  can be used





Scone Recipe

Annasaul cafe shares it scones recipe – Use buttermilk


Great and maybe the best scones for those walking the Kerry Way

SEO and Social Media

Worldwide Social Media is Changing

Cheap Facebook Marketing

Social Media Demographics Infographic

The Changing usage of Social Network

Social media is definitely changing.

There are so many competitors in the Social network market. Google, Facebook Linkedin, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram are the known western types but each country will also have its own. For example WeChat and Weibo in China.

Social Sprout has another set of statistics that say Facebook is only used by 46% of 65+-year-olds. Social sprout notes that usage among teens has dropped in favor of YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat. The network also leans more towards women with 75% of women and 63% of men using the platform. In knowing these figures it will be possible to deliver advertising messages that are catered to the specific group on the specific platforms

LinkedIn.- Each of these platforms has changed over the years and each will bring on new features based on market circumstances. LinkedIn and its site focus on professionals where job title, job function, seniority, industry, skills, degrees, geography, age, gender, company name, company size. People who are on the LinkedIn platform will be representative of the industry they are working in.

Social media addiction

Social Media IconsSocial Media Regulation will be needed to assist with social media addition. This is now a recognized affliction, changing the perception of the social media landscape.  We know that digital detox is now  becoming important as it comes from information overload.

Regulation is coming

I believe that regulation will come in to curb some of the ill effects of social media. This will change the present landscape where mental health, paranoia, and toxic comments can be improved and balanced against bias and impartiality. Likes and comments will need to be endorsed. They should be based on logic and facts rather than emotions. See ( Sukie and his “A non-like-driven commenting system

There has  been much  good that has  derived  from platforms like Facebook. The future  of it seems bright and hopeful that it  will continue to  evolve to offer new technologies and advancements  to its  users in all industries. If there has to  be regulation then Facebook will deal  with its  requirements. It will do and mature accordingly, always catering to the demands of its users.



Facebook Marketing

Marketing on a budget with Facebook

Facebook is a great marketing tool

Facebook is a great  tool to  build awareness. The platform allows  for businesses to  identify their target  audience and to market to them. If I  am selling a hair  product  it  is  easy  for me to  identify my audience. It is possible to find hairdressers, hair salons and barbers through friends, their associations and other recommendations that  Facebook will warrant  to be similar. I  can harvest  these contacts and it is  probable that if I  write relevant  content I  will be “followed”. I  can build  up a brand  loyalty  to  my own company. Thereafter I can convert and achieve sales  either  through my  shop on Facebook or to a link back to my own website. It  is important that all content to these target  markets  be relevant and suitable to the audience in question.

Great marketing tool but its methods have changed

This is what Sam Underwood, of digital agency Futurety says – “The harsh reality of Facebook today is that only about 1 out of 50 people who are already fans of your page will see any single post you make on your Facebook business page”.  Lisa Smith in an article says “Long gone are the days of posting and knowing that many, if not most, of your fans will see that content.”  In Lisa Smith’s article Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses on a Budget the tips she says to take are as follows:

1 Post with intent
2 Try to blend in
3 Don’t post without a content calendar

4 Optimize your profile page
5 Establish a community page
6 Create a Facebook group
7 Be strategic about your group name
8 Keep adding to your Facebook story
9 Don’t obsess over vanity metrics
10 Use Facebook for customer service
11 Use Facebook for customer service
12 Post with a (small) budget
13 Narrow your audience
14 Use boosted posts to optimize ads
15 Structure your pixel strategically
16 Use Facebook’s product catalog ads.
17Learn how to use Facebook’s Power Editor tool
18  Use Facebook Custom Audiences to retarget users who have watched your videos
19 Create saved audiences
20 Test different bidding strategies

Average Click through rate on Facebook
Even with advertising the average click through rate is still only 1% as per the article – Marketing Tips for Small Businesses on a Budget

I  hope the above  tips  help and  if you  want  more clarification on some of the points above feel free to get in contact

Reading material for this article were taken from Lisa Smith on Wordstream with an article called “22 Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses on a Budget”

Car Driver

Mobile portable card machines. You can now travel

How many times have people offered to pay with their card, but you could not take payment. You could not process payment! You can now travel outside your premises as you have a mobile card machine.  With Mobile card machines you will never ever miss a payment opportunity.

Often you will need to go that extra mile to get paid. The mobile card machines we use are SIM and GPRS connection. Therefore you can take card payment anywhere in your town or anywhere in Ireland. Fingers crossed you won’t have to travel that far. If you’re a taxi driver, and you use a mobile card machines, you won’t have to do roundabout trips to the cashpoint or ATM. If you are a delivery driver you will no longer need to wait in the cold. Just get paid and head off.

If you’re a taxi driver, electrician, carpenter or courier you can now take payments with our mobile card machines.

Ingenico Move 5000

Ingenico Move 5000

The Ingenico Move 5000 is the best card machines  right now. It offers a sleek and modern design with a full spectrum of wireless connectivity, so customers will never disconnect no matter where the machine is or what happens to their Wi-Fi.

Because of its ability to connect through Wi-Fi or via a mobile connection, the Move 5000 is one of the most reliable card machines available. It should be your first choice when discussing with customers. Also, setting up the Move 5000 and switching between connection methods couldn’t be easier. The following is another article you may like on the Move 5000 earlier

Additional information about the Ingniico Move 5000  can be  downloaded here 

If you wish to set up an appointment for a rates evaluations to determine what your card charges are with your current provider please let Aidan know and call 1800 939 428 or email

cheerful smiling woman with eyes closed raising arms in studio

Terrifically Charismatic – Emilia Clarke

Who loves charismatic Emilia Clarke? Who wouldn’t like her?  She is cute as heck to begin with but I  don’t think it is that which draws people in.   In fact, I  know it isn’t. She has something that we al wish for, and that is a  lightness and a  different way of experiencing things.   I was intrigued by her and the title  How To Be Charming Without Trying.

I  didn’t know Emilia until today. In fact I  wasn’t aware  of charismatic people like Emilia Clarke. I am not sure I  was aware  of what a charismatic person was  I had seen here as Qi’ra

in  Star Wars but that was about it. In fact, I  hadn’t thought about her again until I saw a video that portrays her as a charismatic example. That got me thinking about charisma in general terms.

A Charismatic person has the ability to match the tone of the person’s words they are with and not speak over them. In doing so the charismatic will make the other person feel at ease and enjoy having a conversation. The listener feels special, feels greats that the charismatic is intrigued by them and what they are saying.  Naturally, people  like being listened to

Do I know anyone charismatic ?

 Who do we think specifically of as being charismatic or who are the charismatic people in our lives. Do my kids and partner think I am charismatic? I doubt it. They listen to me and laugh with me but I doubt they see charisma. I am not sure I know anyone who has Emilia energy? Possibly we only know charismatic people through radio, tv, fiction, and history and not in our own real lives?  Was  Hitler charismatic? How about Donal Trump, Barack Obama, Russel Brand. John Draper ( Mad men ) Mother Theresa Michael Martin ( Taoiseach ), Queen Elizabeth II,  Diana,  Dalai Lama.

They are all so  different in their  personalities.  I  am sure they  have a wealth of followers that  truly  admire and respect them, but are they  really charismatic? You feel charisma the moment it enters the room.

Emilia Clarke's Charisma Traits include Genuine smile and 
Active listener
Charisma on Command – The traits of a charismatic person

It’s not just that someone is likable. Charismatic people draw attention. They automatically energize you and motivate you to step up and take action. What is it about them? All in all, they are certainly likable,and they inspire us and get us talking. Despite being my office leaders, I  don’t believe  any of  my  bosses  throughout my  career  were charismatic. I did what they  told  me out of self preservation but I was never inspired by them.

Terrifically Charismatic people – How are they different ?

 Is it the wide-open eyes, or is it the way they are so relaxed, the confidence they exude? Generally, they don’t disparage or dismiss the people around them.   What is it that sets them apart from others? Max Weber a German sociologist who seems to be the charisma authority indicates that charismatic people seem to have supernatural, superhuman, or at least specifically exceptional powers or qualities. 

These are such as are not accessible to the ordinary person. From a less academic standpoint one notices that about charismatic people is the spark of life. Whether they are saviors or troublemakers, they have a strong passion that triggers powerful emotions in those around them. Even in anger, they make people feel happy where people will be happy to follow their cause

Do we all see charismatic people differently

When an audience is clapping and laughing rapturously at a comedian do they see charisma at that moment. In their eyes are they under the influence of a charismatic people? Are comedians charismatic people? What  is it  that has just lightened them up. ?  Surely it has to be different for everyone. Is it the commonality that something new  or different is happening in the theatre and everyone is grabbing on to it  with joy.? 

There are so many quotes on charisma that one can read at   For example if you have charisma then it is wise to use to make others feel well. The  quote I  think  I  like the best is

 ” Charisma is not just saying hello. It’s dropping what you’re doing to say hello.”

Robert Brault

You may like the blog article that is available on mental health

DOJO Go Terminals

Merchant Quote for Terminals Booking Appointments

Get a merchant quote for terminals from Merchant Services Munster ( MSM ). Book a merchant card rates quote in Kerry. Let us analyze your merchant card statement. We are happy to review your current statement from your provider to judge where we can get the savings. Changing card rates is like changing utility providers. It is incredibly easy to get a merchant quote for terminals. Also, it is good to change your card service provider often. It is important to analyze your card statement yearly to figure out if you are getting the best deal. That is why Merchant Services Munster is offering daily consultations both online and at your store. Our virtual daily event can be booked here.

Get a merchant card rate analysis

We should be able to shave off 10-25% of your yearly spending. Send on your details through this form for a merchant quote for terminals or for web gateways and Aidan will get back to you or email

See this report relating to the advantages and the economic benefits of using cards as opposed to cash for every days transaction. This was commissioned the European Commission entitled Survey on merchants’ costs of processing cash and card payments

TrustPilot Testimonials

Do you need Merchant Rates ?

See Trust Pilot for recent Paymentsense reviews in Ireland

Total Merchant Services and Card Charges – Taking Card Payment in Restaurants, Garages, Hair Dressers, Taxis and Couriers Companies

what is mastercard

As a consultant for Paymentsense, Merchant Services Ireland offers a free analysis of your current costs and advise why  your processing fees are so high. The entire merchant agreement  from Paymentsense can be seen here

The agreement will look at


Fees and Payment.


48-Hour Replacement.

Cancellation Protection.

Till Rolls.

Pay at Table.

Performance Reports.



Term and Termination.

Consequence of Termination.




Force Majeure.

Data Protection.

The total legal conditionals  can be seen here on this page

Let is breakdown the Merchant Card Rates you are Receiving – 4 Questions

Biodiversity in Kerry

Wonderful Biodiversity through Gardening in Kerry

This is a beautiful piece from Greta McCarthy. Greta is a horticulturist who really knows her craft. Enjoy Biodiversity through Gardening in Kerry is something that we see in her own garden and her great achievment in setting up a herb enterprise from her home in Annascaul. aHer herb book can be found online or through her shop

Greta’s Herbs

Gardening for Biodiversity by Greta McCarthy O’Brien

 Most of us will experience some form of isolation during this virus pandemic and sadly many of us have suffered profound personal loss. 

Verbena bonariensis

The need for solace and hope leads us back to the garden – safe within the confines of our own boundary. Cutting the hedge or mowing the lawn is no longer a chore but a pastime to cherish. Growing and harvesting vegetables, herbs and flowers is an extremely gratifying activity. There is the tranquillity of being in the garden has a therapeutic effect on our mental wellbeing.

Ox Eye Daisy

The one thing we can safely touch is the pure earth. We can retrace our steps back a generation. For many of us during these contemplative times – memories of old Ireland come flooding back.

Nostalgia for Biodiversity

I link my nostalgia to my childhood in East Cork, particularly around harvest time. Firstly I remember the picking of new spuds from the rich black earth. Secondly, the heady scent of tomatoes in my fathers’ glasshouse. The excitement of running after the noisy combine harvesters to catch the fallen pea pods. Thirdly I recall the warm nights, lolling on haystacks sharing ghost stories. There were plenty of bees and butterflies back then and we felt secure in our natural environment.

Now several decades on, life is very different. The essential heart of existence is in trouble in so many ways. In his documentary on extinction which I still must see, David Attenborough says, “Scientists have linked our destructive relationship with nature with the emergence of COVID-19”.  A startling fact is around one million species out of 8m on earth are now facing extinction. There are many facets to our destructive behavior. Annihilation of habitats is top of the list – from rainforests to hedgerows we have a lot to answer for in the court of divine creation.

Enjoy Biodiversity through Gardening in Kerry is her central message “We should all strive to understand the concept of biodiversity. For gardeners, this simply means increasing the variety of living things. This can be in our garden by creating or preserving vital habitats. These include ponds, boglands, flower meadows, woodlands or hedgerows, and by growing plants that enrich wildlife”


Create Mini Habitats

No matter what size your outdoor space you can plan and plant for biodiversity. You can create Mini habitats anywhere. They often occur naturally, succeeding most effectively without man’s interference. Perhaps turn a blind eye to that messy pile of scrub in the corner behind the shed. Biodiversity loves the laid-back gardener!

A perfect example of a biodiversity garden is the recent creation at the Díseart in Dingle by Breda Enright. Her dedicated team was designed by Mary Reynolds with construction work by Sean Moriarty. It is an absolute joy, consisting of breath-taking flower meadows, woven willow structures and an interesting selection of my herbs. I’d highly recommend a visit.

Create a Garden with Purpose

The following list contains ideas to encourage you to create a garden with a purpose. Doing so will attract a wide variety of birds, beneficial insects, and mammals. If mankind becomes extinct at least we can leave behind some life forms!

  1. Plant for bees: Snowdrops, crocus, borage, calendula, oregano, thymes, willow, sweet pea, wildflower mix.
  2. Grown and plant berries and seed for birds: Teasel, ornamental grasses, cosmos, sunflowers, hawthorn, elderberry, holly, mountain ash, cotoneaster, dog-rose.
  3. Additionally, plant for butterflies: Buddleia, red valerian, verbena bonariensis, snap dragons, solidago, eupatorium, sedums.
  • Avoid chemicals – preserve a clump of nettles for butterfly larvae
  • Don’t cut your lawn too often, don’t shun the dandelions, clover and daisy.
  • Sow a batch of wildflowers in autumn or spring.
  • Create a water feature such as a pond or birdbath or simply put out a container.
  • Don’t forget to eat: Grow parsley, rocket, radish, lettuce and of course lots of herbs!

Greta’s Garden Consultations and other articles at the Irish Times

Greta’s Herb Book online sales

Details available on


Feel free to get in contact if you would like to do an article on HumanDoIt or if we can contribute an article on your site . Incidentally you might like this article on forestry in Ireland .

SEO and Website Backlinks – Best 10 Tips

I am interested in marketing and for many years my website worked well. It had great keywords and many visitors. Between 2010 to 2013 I saw my site’s ratings deteriorate from a ranking of 500 / 10000 in Ireland and worldwide respectively. It is so important to be aware of SEO and Website Backlinks activities and I trust this article will assist you

Ranking and domain scores changed and so marketing my website needed to change. This change emphasized users interaction with the site like email and social media. It also referred to lengths of time on a page, bounce rate, better content, and many other tricks. Any metric that measures visitor’s length of time on the site and more meaningful digital interactions.

The SEO Revenue Stream

SEO and Digital Marketing is always important as it brings traffic to a site. This in turn creates 5-10 fresh inquiries each day. if this drops off then revenue drops severely..

I don’t have that website any longer and my business interests are no longer the same. I want this blog to look specifically at back links and the importance they provide in a website’s ranking. The procedure is the same whether I sell coffee, own a golf course, or sell alarm systems, sandwiches, insurance, etc. If someone writes about it, then that will be very beneficial. It indicates to search engines like Google, Bing,Yahoo, etc that the business and site are relevant. Today, Google will evaluate a site for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness ( EAT ). All sites must ensure these attributes.

Let’s assume we are doing SEO and Website Backlinks for a coffee shop

Lets aassume my restaurant business and website are coffee related. My coffee page should display good content material. It will have content about great coffee and other relevant coffee keyword terms. Content as seen on Wordstream for terms like ambiance, music, decor, staff are brilliant, etc. If the article is endorsed and published enough by say 30-40 “good quality” reference sites and “linking in” websites then it will receive a vote of confidence from search engines. This will ultimately endorse the business, as reliable and worth visiting.

As backlinks have a strong correlation with rankings and traffic from Google how do we go about getting them ?

It is not so easy but there are software tools that can be used. One product is BuzzStream but there are other including Ninjaoutreach”, or free tools like Gmass and Ahrefs.

These tools allow integrations with a Google scrape/search. They then take the data they find and bring it back to their interface. In continuing with the coffee theme and the coffee business in Cork example, this is how I would use the above tools. I would search on “best coffee in Cork” for example, and it will bring back a list. The list will refer to coffee, coffee making, coffee, and restaurants, etc.

From the results ( which are based on the keywords those sites are using ) I would then scrape those listed businesses, or blog posts, directories, or recipe sites and extrapolate my findings to Buzzstream.

The SEO and Website Backlinks Approach

From these results. I need to systematically
contact them and ask for a back link

With such software , I can see what sites were listed and examine them for good rankings. and other ideal metrics ( DA / PR and . I would then reach out to the companies that were originally found in my search and ask for a referral, or link, or mention / call out using various that might appeal to them.

Before approaching any companies and sites for backlinks it is important that my own coffee shop site is current, has good relevant content with good keyword content, looks professional, and works efficiently. There are many professionals web and SEO professionals out there that can assist with this. If you need help with any SEO or backlinks in Kerry / Cork please drop me a line and I can assist here. I would update my own site and add outbound links to sites that I would like to be backlinking to my coffee shop.

How do I create backlinks – The approach to getting them

Althugh seo-and-website-backlinks is slow and tedious. and takes time, the approach below is effective. When contacting the selected ideal scraped potential partners on my list I need to examine why they might endorse and support my shop. What do they have in common with my coffee shop in Cork ?

1) Using default templates which can be set up on Buzzstream I would contact them and say that I love their site and the article they are doing and that I have linked with them on my site mentioning that I hope my link will help them get more traffic.

Introduction letter on a 3 point backlink campaign with potential bloggers

Afterwards I would send them a follow up, as 20% of contacts will respond on the second attempt. Usually they will respond by thanking me for linking to them.

It is important to follow up. Usually the targeted site will respond, and at that point, you can ask to do a “guest post” on their site

Later I would follow up asking if I could do a “guest post” on their site. If they were a blog site I would indicate to them that I loved the piece they wrote. For example, on their ” Blueberry Cheesecake recipe”. I would mention that I am following their site. I might mentioned their wonderful content and I appreciate the articles they write etc . In doing so would they mind if I share an article with them about the Pavlova recipe that we at “my business” offer. Mentioning further that it uses only 3 ingredients. Also referring to numerous awards it has. Web sites are always looking for new content and if, and when, they accept my offer I will do a new article and add to their site. I will include a backlink to my coffee shop at the home page or to a particular article that I am targeting.

Guestgraphics and infographics- This are merely other techniques to provide relevant information that show ones expertise of subject matter. is one site that helps in this.

Inforgraphics Template -They really create impact ?

The beauty of infographics is that it’s quite a strong technique to get backlinks from targeted companies. They look good and are informative and usually the viewer will click on them and share. An animated graphic that is detailed and informative is even better for delivering backlink results. is a great ways to see the back links that my competitor is linked to. Using the Ahrefs website I can see my competitor’s site, and all their backlinks . Knowing such information I can now reach out to my competitor’s backlinks and introduce them to matters of interest.

Knowing the keywords your competitors are using is important . The above is template that can be used. Follow link

As already mentioned back linking is a a slow process but the following tips will help and should be followed . References for this backlink article

I really suggest that you consider checking out these back link references that were used for researching this blogs: for SEO and backlinks. Buzzstreamcom for backlinks. for SEO. for Backlinks / Wordstream for  PPC products 

I am available to talk to you if ever you need advice in terms of creating backlinks and social media optimization strategies for your website. Incidentally you may like this article regarding Facebook and marketing on a budget.

SEO and Website Backlinks in 1 minute

PCI compliance for Online Payment Accounts

PCI Non-Compliance

PCI compliance for Online Payments

PCI compliance for Online Payments and for  face to face interactions almost have the same requirements.  If a merchant accepts debit, credit or other “kinds of cards ” they will be required to complete a quarterly or yearly audit. They do this in accordance with PCI standards. Some providers offer solutions that make their merchants fundamentally compliant. In doing so no substantial penalties will be incurred. These solutions allow the merchant PCI compliance status until the self-assessment survey/questionnaire is completed.

This article will help in terms of costs charges by the industry. Please get in contact with me if I can advise or quote you on the fees we charge and ways that we advise merchants on avoidance of penalties

PCI compliance for Online Payment Merchant Accounts

PCI compliance for Online Payments and for face to face interactions almost have the same requirements.  If a merchant accepts debit, credit or other “kinds of cards ” there is a requirement to complete a quarterly or yearly audit. They do this in accordance with PCI standards. Some providers offer solutions that make their merchants fundamentally compliant. In doing so no substantial penalties occur. These solutions allow the merchant PCI compliance status until the self-assessment survey/questionnaire is completed.

This article will help in terms of costs charges by the industry. There are four PCI DSS forms available, but we’ll ensure make sure you fill in the right one.

Understanding the questions. We help you with the correct interpretation of questions for your industry. Finally, if this is your  first time we also help you with the assessment and advise you accordingly. Remember there is no such thing as a silly question and inevitably others usually have the same interpretation as you. We can talk you through each one, so you can answer them correctly.
If the assessment shows that you need to make some changes, we can assist here and letyou know what to do. Please get in contact with me if I can advise or quote you on the fees we charge and ways that we advise merchants on avoidance of penalties

If a merchant is being charged a PCI Non-Compliance Fees it is advisable to find out what they need to do to remedy and solve this.

Firstly these fees are  costly and range from 15-60 Euro a month. This is in  additional to other usual merchant charges. However a merchant card processor can assist you in getting a refund. A merchant incurs PCI Compliance fees as a result of account maintenance. Additional security audit charges and fines for violation of improper compliance also occur.  PCI Compliance for Merchants in KerryThe fees collected can be excessive but they are legitimately incurred, and are collected on behalf of PCI DSS as an ongoing cost of security and fraud fighting activities. Be aware there can sometimes be a heavy mark up of these collected fines.

Keeping Business Data Secure, and 300 PCI  question to Answer

Ingenico Move 5000 for out of Office Use

cashless societies and difficulties in paying with cash

Cashless Societies – 2 severe negative impacts

Cashless societies and paying by card is a modern-day gold rush for fintech companies.  It is interesting how fintech companies address the issue of contactless payment in a pandemic. Cash is perceived to be a health risk and makes it less popular than ever to carry.  This payment system is a boom for the vast number of worldwide company start-ups including: Stripe, Tax Back, Fexco, Paymentsense,

Cashless Societies by the numbers
What rates are you on ? I can offer a free analysis

Assure Hedge, Big Red Cloud, Cerebreon,, CorribPoint, CurrencyFair, Gecko Governance, ID-Pal, TransferMate, Trezeo, Umba and  so many  others.

However the national  currency is always legal tender but with the fall  in physical cash, the fact is that retailers don’t have to offer it and technology has moved so fast that it’s perfectly possible to live in most cities without ever using cash.

Cashless societies make cashless more prevalent

Many of  us  are aware that cash is  becoming less prevalent. This is backed by evidence. Bloomberg said  recently  that 90% of  all transaction are  cashless in Europe. In Sweden  the figures  stand at about 98.7% . This means Sweden has taken  cashlessness to the next level, as the Covid 19 pandemic and prior worldwide  trends have almost pushed notes and coins to extinction .

For instance in cashless societies coffee shops and take-outs are everywhere in cities, but how does a homeless person or an undocumented person, an elderly person or teenager pay when they do not have access to a debit card?

Homeless person taking cashless payment – Ref Telegraph

It is pretty annoying in our cashless societies that make it difficult for poor people living on the streets to even get a cup of coffee as they seem less inclusive by not having a card the way potential customers are receiving a not-so-subtle message from certain businesses about who are the “desired clientele”. Even government and local councils are increasingly providing services to those that have debit or credit cards that can conveniently pay parking tickets online or other fines.  If you’re unbanked, you’re required to make the trip to pay for your ticket in person, taking away valuable time people could use supporting themselves or their family.

Belonging in terms of cashless-ness is discriminatory

There are already so many forms of stigma and discrimination within society, and now, we’re adding the mode of payment to the list — if we start marking belonging by ‘means of payment,’ that will be a big problem and does not provide for societal inclusiveness.  It doesn’t seem fair that I  can’t get a  sandwich or a  coffee because I am not carrying plastic. The strange thing is that it’s completely legal for business owners to reject cash but in doing so they’re making a statement that really should not be encouraged.

In cashless societies, the legislation will need to be written to stop businesses from refusing to accept cash.  This would provide protection against unlawful discrimination. It will be too fragile a system if there is nothing we can go back to in case of disruption.

There are  some solutions, for example, a counter attendant might take the cash when offered and swipe  with a personal/company card,  or allow the item to be provided if the  customer had  waited patiently in line to discover at the counter that they didnt have a  card on them.  Better to err on good  customer service and  request  payment the next time they are in. Generally people are trust worthy and will return to pay.

On the other hand advantages for cashlessness  include some of the following:

For the state, it is beneficial that taxes  can be collected more easily  as  transactions are  transparent. 2) Money  laundering can be reduced. 

3) Another  advantage  of  going cashless is cash is  physical and  so can be lost or damaged . Also  for inflationary  reasons cash  needs to  be reprinted and replenished which is costly.  4) Storing money has costs, namely vaults maintenance, transportation, administration electricity etc.

Disadvantages of cashless-ness

  • It physically means  that it is a safeguard against internet, electricity or phone outage and  even having a faulty card or forgotten pin.
  • Include total inconvenience for certain sectors  of society who are excluded
  • Foreign tourists are also  affected as they incur exchange rates that are exorbitant.

Regarding  the last bastions of cash – kids’ pocket money. In Sweden that even seems to have disappeared where only 16% of Swedish children get regular allowances in the form of actual bank notes and coins  according to a poll taken by Sifo. Most swedish parents now add money to their children’s account by bank transfer.

There is some light in relation to Prepaid

It  seems that card  payments  have not  completely  taken over  though and it  does  seem that  cash  ( with the aid of the correct legislation ) will still be active into the  future. Until then I am sure systems will advance in the  prepaid  debits card arena. One Zero Medium refers to services like Bluebird by American Express,Net Spend  and others  that allow for anyone to achieve the benefits of a traditional debit card without the need for a permanent address or a national  security number. There are  almost  16  million people in America  that  do  not  have or  use  bank accounts regularly and  evidence  suggest that 26.7 percent of the unbanked population is already using prepaid debit cards of some kind.

It seems that cashlessness taking over is inevitable, but at least in the short term there have been steps taken that allow those that are disenfranchised to still use cash.


This is a more reliable publication for cash transaction details

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