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Wow ! Payment Processing Fees and Non Qualified Transactions

Paymentsense Versus Worldpay Rates

Payment processing fees and Non Qualified Transactions. There are so  many rates in the market. Each merchant is paying differently.  Very strange isn't it?   I  mean if I  go and buy a coke or a packet of chewing gum  the prices are generally the same but not with rates. I  mean payment processing fees and payment processor online fees  can be almost  20-30%  different.  I  just  found online rates  where there is an obvious 30%  difference  from just 2  suppliers. This is  a  huge  disparity and it is  something I  can assist  you with.

Paymentsense Rates

How much does Paymentsense charge per transaction?

Merchant reviews reflect a rate of 0.20% for swiped transactions and 0.20% plus 50p for those keyed-in. Each per transaction fee is in addition to the cost of monthly payment plans.

WorldPay Rates, Fees, and Costs
WorldPay advertises rates of 2.90% plus $0.30 for swiped transactions and 3.30% plus $0.30 for those that are keyed-in

Above are the rates  that would be applied for Ecommerce platforms
MOTO can be free if a  person takes a payment terminal in the store
Ecom is charged a monthly / yearly rental
Generally, there is a rental fee for the amount of expected business that will be done per month and there is a  charge for the card types taken. This is the range to be charged
The technical hooking up of this up  can be seen at here 

Using a term called Connect, Paymentsense can integrate with most EPOS systems at no additional cost. Such integration allows for more flexibility and so one POS system is created you need with their card terminals.  With this cloud solution, Paymentsense is able to allow your store or web EPOS to connect to their API (Application Programming Interface).    As a result, the card terminal in your shop will communicate with your EPOS system.  More  technical details can be seen here. Feel free to get in contact with me if you need more clarification on the API and linking with your existing software.

Paymentsense use a Checkout system to connect electronically to your site;

Their process will use one time tokens, use of Javascript and a form will be created with token features.  Payment is completed when the user fills out and submits the payment form. When the payment is complete the specific from the display is sent and is wrapped the script tag.


Non-Qualifying-Transactions  with PaymentSense will appear in the Merchant Agreement Charges Schedule. Transactions will often incur non-qualifying charges. Card types and how payment is taken will incur charges that are considered to be qualifying or non-qualifying.  For more details on fees please go to Paymentsense in Ireland  

Card Present

Qualifying transactions are:

Chip-and-PIN, contactless, and swiped transactions submitted for processing within two business days or the transaction

Non-qualifying transactions are:

A card not present (CNP) transaction, e.g. manually entering the card details into the card machine

Card Not Present MOTO

Qualifying transactions are:

MOTO transactions that capture the Card Security Code (CSC) submitted for processing within two business days of the transaction

Non-qualifying transactions are:

Transactions that do not capture the card's CSC number
Payment with an EU or International Mastercard or Maestro Card, Mastercard Reward, World Elite or World Cards, and Debit Mastercard
Payment with a Visa Business Debit Card or International Visa Card

Card Not Present eCommerce

Qualifying transactions are:

3D secure enabled eCommerce transactions submitted for processing within two business days of the transaction
Non-qualifying transactions are:

MOTO, face-to-face (card present) or recurring transactions
Payment with a Visa Consumer Charge Card
Payment with Mastercard World Signia and World Cards


Aidan’s role with Merchant Services Munster

Merchant Services Munster Offers

• 20-25% savings if you are taking payment by store or on the website
• Short contracts and where Merchant is not tied for long periods
• We don’t charge fees during Lockdown
• 6 month free terminals if new to card to services
• Next business day payment
• Business Finance .


Aidan Gillespie works for Merchant Services Munster which is a sales consultant for Paymentsense. You can find more information about me on 

Process payments cost-effectively. The video will talk about credit card terminal and Merchant Services Munster ( MSM ) as a connsultant for PaymentSense who is a merchant service provider. We offer a virtual payment gateway which are free to set up in Ireland. We offer payment gateway for website and for face to face transactions. In kerry we even offer solutions for high risk payment scenarios. MSM consider ourselves one of the best merchant services providers for small business.

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