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The Changing usage of Social Network

Social media is definitely changing.

There are so many competitors in the Social network market. Google, Facebook Linkedin, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram are the known western types but each country will also have its own. For example WeChat and Weibo in China.

Social Sprout has another set of statistics that say Facebook is only used by 46% of 65+-year-olds. Social sprout notes that usage among teens has dropped in favor of YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat. The network also leans more towards women with 75% of women and 63% of men using the platform. In knowing these figures it will be possible to deliver advertising messages that are catered to the specific group on the specific platforms

LinkedIn.- Each of these platforms has changed over the years and each will bring on new features based on market circumstances. LinkedIn and its site focus on professionals where job title, job function, seniority, industry, skills, degrees, geography, age, gender, company name, company size. People who are on the LinkedIn platform will be representative of the industry they are working in.

Social media addiction

Social Media IconsSocial Media Regulation will be needed to assist with social media addition. This is now a recognized affliction, changing the perception of the social media landscape.  We know that digital detox is now  becoming important as it comes from information overload.

Regulation is coming

I believe that regulation will come in to curb some of the ill effects of social media. This will change the present landscape where mental health, paranoia, and toxic comments can be improved and balanced against bias and impartiality. Likes and comments will need to be endorsed. They should be based on logic and facts rather than emotions. See ( Sukie and his “A non-like-driven commenting system

There has  been much  good that has  derived  from platforms like Facebook. The future  of it seems bright and hopeful that it  will continue to  evolve to offer new technologies and advancements  to its  users in all industries. If there has to  be regulation then Facebook will deal  with its  requirements. It will do and mature accordingly, always catering to the demands of its users.



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