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Merchant Services MunsterIn considering merchant credit card insights we need to firstly offer great merchant credit card processing. Secondly, we  partner with Paymensense and sell in the UK and in Ireland. Lastly our fees are transparent and incredibly competitive. Our sales figures are available on this page and do in fact indicate what we say and do.

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Merchant  Services Munster  don’t do  food but  we  do good online merchant credit card processing. We also offer very  good card readers and chip and pin facilities. As a result, we are one of the best payment online processors in Kerry and Munster.

Merchant Services Munster don’t do Food

During Covid – Aidan Gillespie works for Paymentsense

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Online Merchant Credit Card Processing must be Competitve and Effective

Card processing must be cost-effective for consumers.  Merchant Payment Services in Munster provide swipe machines for credit cards.  We provide some of the cheapest rates packages in the Irish market. All card  machines  support Amex ,Google Pay, Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard and JCB. Get in contact for an analysis.

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We offer full integration with your current systems and so our cloud-based Connect with work seamlessly with your EPOS regardless of what software it runs on?   Your merchant card machine will work as we are integrated with Woo-commerce and 100s of  others 

Your payment processor should never get in the way or cause your conversion rates to decrease; it should complement your current process or even enhance it.

Merchant credit card processing

We offer a system that will easily integrate into your business without requiring too many changes or adjustments. It is so important that your web traffic or day to day to day counter service is not affected negatively and the business conversion rates must never decrease. We can ensure that our merchant credit card processing and credit terminal machine and rates will not harm your business. The great aspect of working with our payment merchant services in Ireland is that our rates are the same. Online or in-store the charges are the same.  Expect to pay competitive rates with no  Euro per transaction charges  for

  1. Virtual terminal transaction
  2. And card-not-present transactions

Card not present does  carry risk and the fees will reflect this but we will always be  more  competitive than all the other processors

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The Golden Rule of Card Processing

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