How many times have people offered to pay with their card, but you could not take payment. You could not process payment! You can now travel outside your premises as you have a mobile card machine.  With Mobile card machines you will never ever miss a payment opportunity.

Often you will need to go that extra mile to get paid. The mobile card machines we use are SIM and GPRS connection. Therefore you can take card payment anywhere in your town or anywhere in Ireland. Fingers crossed you won’t have to travel that far. If you’re a taxi driver, and you use a mobile card machines, you won’t have to do roundabout trips to the cashpoint or ATM. If you are a delivery driver you will no longer need to wait in the cold. Just get paid and head off.

If you’re a taxi driver, electrician, carpenter or courier you can now take payments with our mobile card machines.

Ingenico Move 5000

Ingenico Move 5000

The Ingenico Move 5000 is the best card machines  right now. It offers a sleek and modern design with a full spectrum of wireless connectivity, so customers will never disconnect no matter where the machine is or what happens to their Wi-Fi.

Because of its ability to connect through Wi-Fi or via a mobile connection, the Move 5000 is one of the most reliable card machines available. It should be your first choice when discussing with customers. Also, setting up the Move 5000 and switching between connection methods couldn’t be easier. The following is another article you may like on the Move 5000 earlier

Additional information about the Ingniico Move 5000  can be  downloaded here 

If you wish to set up an appointment for a rates evaluations to determine what your card charges are with your current provider please let Aidan know and call 1800 939 428 or email

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