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I love selling Paymentsense

Paymentsense are a wonderful company but more importantly I truly love selling card services to merchants that accept payment by means of cards. Merchant Services Ireland works with Paymentsense which a merchant services acquirer and processor. Paymentsense will contract the selling of their services to sole traders or contractors like Merchant Services Munster. As a result we offer their products to any businesses that have a shop front or website.

My name is Aidan Gillespie and I sell Paymentsense rate card packages to businesses in Kerry and throughout Munster.

Aidan Gillespie  works with Merchant Services Munster and sell paymentsense products

“Working at Merchant Services Munster is a rewarding job that allows me to meet with businesses that are simply trying to save themselves money and get the best package that will suit them”. I would consider Paymentsense as one of the best payment gateway providers in Ireland.

Selling Paymentsense and Dojo services is quite easy. Consequently it is not difficult to see that rates are like utilities. We can consider rates the same way we look at gas, water, electricity, phone packages etc. As a result it is always advisable to change the rates after 1 year and to constantly shop around.

What does a Merchant Service Provider do ?

merchant service provider provides business firms and individuals the ability to accept credit cards, debit cards, and other forms of electronic payment for the transaction to occur. Paymentsense offer straight forward packages. Our service is not difficult to understand. As a result we offer 1 month rolling contracts and we do not lock merchant into long contracts. Lastly, we offer 6 month free terminals to new to card services.

The businesses I know “swap and change” all the time. Therefore for this to work and to avail of services, Merchant Services Munster offers to analyze free of charge the merchant statements of the businesses I meet. I analyse the rates, the pci charges, the terminal charges, roll paper, authorization fees and other charges. Typically I come up with saving of 10-15% depending on the business. As a result this can be anywhere from 500-1500 Euro a year depending on the total transaction volume of the monthly business. That money might as well be in your pocket as in the processor’s pocket.

So get in contact and let me analyse the saving and benefits . Analysis is free.

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