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Dojo Go Payment Terminal – Truly Remarkable

Point of Sale and Payment Integrations

The new Dojo Go Payment Terminal integrates with your point of sale system. Transaction times are instant and end of day reconciliations are easy to complete. Dojo go offer real-time insights and trend analysis where you can keep track of the business incomings and outgoings. If you need more details on dojo go and payment terminals please have a look here

We always  work with aspiring and pioneering businesses in Kerry and Munster to offer credit card processing payment solutions.  These include all small local retailers and even large corporate enterprises.  Merchant Services Munster delivers the best card payment terminals in the market for all your needs Learn more by giving Aidan a call.  Feel free to sign up for a virtual statement analysis where I can go through your statement on the phone.

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Is my payment terminal secure?

The dojo go is a  credit card payment terminal. Additionally, security is covered when it comes to industry standard point-to-point encryption. The dojo-go-payment-terminal is a swipe machine for debit and credit cards. Your customer card data is protected and additionally, Paymentsense will help you with all CPI issues

Remote assistance for my payment terminal

So for assistance, we offer remote access to your New Payment Terminal. This means that if you have any issues we can log in remotely and assist you more easily.

With its stylish 5-inch touch screen it is easy to navigate and in the event of any issue, Paymentsense offers remote access. This is really good as it means we can guide you and get you through any technical aspects that are troubling. Paymentsense offers great customer service. This isn’t by accident. Customers  demand this and we  know this is  what  you  want. Our TrustPilot  customer reviews indicate that we are  listening

We are one of the first companies to offer 1-month rolling contracts which is ideal for companies that were not trading during Covid. All they needed to do  was put their  contracts on pause during these times.   We work with  tens of thousands of merchants, and our reputation is strong.


Process payments cost-effectively. The video will talk about Dogo Go and its great connectivity, security and remote assistance  where we  can log in remotely and see what credit card merchant terminal issues  you  may be having. and integration with you  point of sale system  Merchant Services Munster ( MSM ) as a connsultant for PaymentSense in Cork and Kerry for its Dojo Go Payment Terminals. We offer a virtual payment gateway. Gateway for website and for face to face transactions. In Tralee and in kerry we even offer solutions for high risk payment scenarios. Addionally we  can cash advances if  merchants  are struggling with cash flow. Merchant services in Munster consider ourselves one of the best merchant services providers for small business.

When you  request a  quote  please be  sure  to  ask  for details  regarding these  2major areas:

A) Processing rates/monthly fees

2) Services


Processing Fees

There is a lot involved with debits and credit card processing. Research as much as possible or you may end up paying way more than necessary. Lower processing rates will depend on your monthly fixed fee. If your volume is low then your terminal charges and your rates may be higher.


Research what the payment processor offers. What else do they have as an extra to credit card processing. Do they offer free terminals or POS systems? What kind of charges do they offer for web payment gateways  etc? What additional benefits  might they offer?


Our software will allow your card machine and till to work together. This is important as it helps you avoid costs. Any associations with miskeying or any other input errors can be costly.

It’s time to join the businesses using integrated payments to eliminate expensive errors. Payments and integrations technology Connect™ with Paymentsense means that your till and card machine work seamlessly. It does not matter what software your EPOS  uses.

Connect is a integration cloud between credit card terminal and EPOS

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