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Payment Processor Rates and Service – Merchant Card Payment Rates Services Vary

Payment Processor Rates and Service are complicated.  Rates vary from processor to processor but with Paymentsense the band is usually as follows. Merchant Rates for debit and credit cards However bear in mind PCI fees , authorization fees and terminal fees. You can book an appointment here for a free evaluation of what you should be paying. Use the TAKE ACTION button  above

What are the interchange charges ?

Interchange is an industry term and charge set by the card issuer (the customer’s bank). Essentially they have allowed you to have a card and to buy items but in return they will charge you a fee depending on transaction type and card type. This article  may assist  more if you  decide to open a processing merchant  account 

Credit Card Fees for Merchants

It is important you understand your transaction fees and charges

With your new acquirer, you will have a Merchant Services Agreement. This will highlight all issues relating to payment processor rates and service.  All acquirer agreements will incur fees and charges for card transactions. You will be able to determine all fees as they will be displayed in the merchant agreement. Processing cards and charges vary and usually are dependent on the card type and the transaction type.

What are the service charges ?

These will be the charges that are incurred when processing cards. These will  vary depending on the card type and the transaction method.

Merchant Card Rates- Do you know what you are Paying ?

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