Get a merchant quote for terminals from Merchant Services Munster ( MSM ). Book a merchant card rates quote in Kerry. Let us analyze your merchant card statement. We are happy to review your current statement from your provider to judge where we can get the savings. Changing card rates is like changing utility providers. It is incredibly easy to get a merchant quote for terminals. Also, it is good to change your card service provider often. It is important to analyze your card statement yearly to figure out if you are getting the best deal. That is why Merchant Services Munster is offering daily consultations both online and at your store. Our virtual daily event can be booked here.

Get a merchant card rate analysis

We should be able to shave off 10-25% of your yearly spending. Send on your details through this form for a merchant quote for terminals or for web gateways and Aidan will get back to you or email

See this report relating to the advantages and the economic benefits of using cards as opposed to cash for every days transaction. This was commissioned the European Commission entitled Survey on merchants’ costs of processing cash and card payments

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