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Many small businesses do not accept credit cards because terminals and merchant accounts can be expensive. However, things are changing and financial burdens are also reducing. A mobile credit card reader is a simple, affordable solution that allows payments on the go. This is especially so for construction-related companies that rely on smartphones to conduct business and mobile payments. The following link will support these points.

3 Top Benefits of Using Mobile Credit Card Readers — Infinity Pay

The Benefits of Using Mobile Credit Card Readers

Often small businesses do not accept and cards when taking payment. Payment terminals and merchant accounts are seen as expensive but the trend is that “cashless” is becoming the norm. Did you know only 10% uses cash in the UK when paying and only 2% in Sweden. A mobile credit card reader is simple to use and is now more affordable than ever.

Payments post quickly, with a mobile credit card reader like the Ingenico Move 5000. The user can receive their money quickly and therefore cash flow improves. If you have issues with reception or have poor broadband coverage in your premises you can easily to another position to get sim signal

Our high-quality mobile credit card reader, great rates, and one month contracts are all something you ought to consider

Ingenico Move 5000

Ingenico Move 5000

Do you have a Stand Alone Kiosk or do you do a lot of Outdoor Carnivals and Festivals?. Possibly you are a delivery company or conduct business at the Farner’s stand. If you are then we have you covered! The Ingenico Move 5000 provides a mobility advantage and is a completely portable card reader. It has a beautifully designed touchscreen and allows for full mobility. In having WiFi, Bluetooth, and 4G connectivity allows you the extra benefits of working in the field away from the office.

One of the most in-demand card machines right now is the Ingenico Move 5000. It offers a sleek and modern design with a full spectrum of wireless connectivity, so customers will never disconnect no matter where the machine is or what happens to their Wi-Fi. 

Because of its ability to connect through Wi-Fi or via a mobile connection, the Move 5000 is one of the most reliable card machines available, so it should be your first choice when discussing with customers.

Also, setting up the Move 5000 and switching between connection methods couldn’t be easier.

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