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SME’s Need to Improve Processing Card Rates

All Merchant rates in Kerry need to Improve

Improve your Processing Card Rates. It is not as hard as you think

It is quite easy to do as there are so many variables. Call us and we will go through it in minute detail and explain it as if to a 7-year-old child.   It is important to evaluate the exact cost of processing credit card – or debit card – machine. There is so much involved when choosing one provider over another. There are costs for the actual machine as well as for the rates that will be charged for processing all the different card types. Are the card domestic or international. ? What is the likelihood that you will have to process corporate, business, or premium type cards? Will you be taking payment over the phone. Is there a possibility of chargebacks.


The financial industry in Ireland makes its money on the type of cards that a merchant in Ireland will accept. The regularity that such a card will be presented. In Kerry and Munster, there are so many processors that examine all aspects of maestro and other regular debit cards. Improve your Processing Card Rates –  That is what Merchant Services Munster is set up to do

We are a partner of Paymentsense and we make our revenues from credit card processing fees and the type of merchant accounts that we set up.  The authorization category reflect fees as do the PCI compliance levels that a merchant chooses. Even the payment terminals, be they,  point of sale terminals, credit card terminals or chip & PIN machines will have a price point.  All prices are  subject to negotiation. Even the business type has risk that is measured  but we will juggle to make things work for you.

Improve your Processing Card Rates - The Rental will help
No payment for merchant terminal

In the Kerry Region we offer easy to use Merchant Terminals 

Improve your Processing Card Rates

Paymentsense and our new products are all about making business owners’ lives easier. The Move 5000 is being delivered with 6 months free rental In Munster we offer easy to use merchant terminals that are easy to use. The payment solutions we offer, whether for virtual web scenarios or for face to face interactions have great design and are robust.  We use payment solutions for your shop counter, at the customer’s table  Call Aidan on 1800-939-428 for a quote and analysis of your current costs. #hellodojo #merchantservicesmunster.  Feel free to download  our  report regarding the advantages of card machines over  cash and the saving that occur  since leaving the cash  world

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