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Rates Kerry merchants are paying -just how much are you paying. Do you know what makes up the costs of processing cards?  I have been selling merchant terminals in Kerry for over 2 years and I must say it is and will continue to be a journey. A journey in a good way. I look at SME’s merchant statements all the time. I quote businesses in Kerry in terms of the merchant processing costs/rates that they have currently.

Merchants are  happy to get better deals

All the merchants in Kerry that I meet are extremely open to examining what I can offer. Indeed why wouldn’t they be, as all costs need to be maintained ?. Debit / Credit and International cards can range anywhere from .16% to 1.95%. What rates are Kerry merchants paying? Merchant card rates vary hugely in the market place. It always amazes me the huge range of rates that are on offer. Indeed the shop next door is probably getting better rates than you. Why is that?  They are even the same business type. I advise shop owners to look and do their research.

All payment processors have to cover the same costs. If the rates are lower it can be that other fees are higher to make up the shortfall. All providers like Paymentsense, Elavon, WorldPay, Barclays, Payzone, AIB , BOI, Stripe, SumUp, RMS or Clover will charge merchants to have them use their services. Knowing what is involved will save you money

New to Card – We offer free terminals for the first 6 months

As part of the Paymentsense group, Merchant Services Munster offer free terminals for the first 6 months. We also compete and offer great card rates for businesses in Kerry. is the merchant New to Card ? Introductory offers are made to get them on board. If a business is above a certain threshold in terms of volume and transaction value alternative packages are offered.

Switching your card provider in Kerry

If a merchant is looking to switch providers from Elavon or SumUp or others then Paymentsense is a good choice. We are offering rolling one month contracts which is ideal in these Covid times. This is very convenient as most companies do not want to be locked into long term contracts. The following is an example of the contract details I  will discuss  with you when we meet to analyse your present deal

What rates  are Kerry merchants are paying ?

It is important that Kerry barbers, Cahirciveen hairdressers, Tralee publicans, Killarney hotels be aware of the different merchant’s services fees available.  Petrol stations in Killorglin, Listowel restaurants, Castleisland delicatessens are all our merchant clients. Whether you are a street vendor are a GAA clubs and wish to take payment by card you need to be aware of all the costs. You can see these costs in the statement. I mentioned some of these costs and the complexity in a similar blog recently. “Can you understand your card statement” is the article name.

Merchant Rates for debit and credit cards
What Rates are Kerry merchants paying. We  need to know what they are paying

Breaking down the charges – What’s involved ?

Besides the card rates there are PCI charges which is a form of insurance against money laundering that happens. Other fees will include charge back fees and refund fees. SEPA is a term for those that want to have funds put in their account the next business days. A restaurant may wish to avail of SEPA but would have to pay the processor the relevant charges for this add on. Authorization fees depend on the value and turnover of the business and vary between 2.92 cent to 4.95 cents for every transaction. There are certain processors that charge flat fees for using them. SumUp charge anywhere from 1.75% to 2.75%. Their rate fees are higher but only because other fees are hidden within the 2.75% charge.

Changing Rates Providers  is very easy

If you need rates and a quotation for your website or your retail store in Kerry feel free to get in contact. Although I represent Paymentsense ( slightly impartial ) I am more than happy to analyze your statement and give you good advice. If we can quote competitively, which I believe we can, then why not take the 15-25%  saving. Change to our better package than you have currently. If you were paying 300 Euro last month in charges then the saving is 540 respectively per year. You must be thinking about changing – The money might as well be in your pocket as in “theirs”. Changing Rates is very easy. Checking and changing your payment rates is on a par to changing your gas and electric utilities. Savings are inevitable and is good practice. It should almost be done every 1-2 years

For a quote or analysis of your card statement for retails or for the website anywhere in Ireland. Drop me a line

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