I am interested in marketing and for many years my website worked well. It had great keywords and many visitors. Between 2010 to 2013 I saw my site’s ratings deteriorate from a ranking of 500 / 10000 in Ireland and worldwide respectively. It is so important to be aware of SEO and Website Backlinks activities and I trust this article will assist you

Ranking and domain scores changed and so marketing my website needed to change. This change emphasized users interaction with the site like email and social media. It also referred to lengths of time on a page, bounce rate, better content, and many other tricks. Any metric that measures visitor’s length of time on the site and more meaningful digital interactions.

The SEO Revenue Stream

SEO and Digital Marketing is always important as it brings traffic to a site. This in turn creates 5-10 fresh inquiries each day. if this drops off then revenue drops severely..

I don’t have that website any longer and my business interests are no longer the same. I want this blog to look specifically at back links and the importance they provide in a website’s ranking. The procedure is the same whether I sell coffee, own a golf course, or sell alarm systems, sandwiches, insurance, etc. If someone writes about it, then that will be very beneficial. It indicates to search engines like Google, Bing,Yahoo, etc that the business and site are relevant. Today, Google will evaluate a site for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness ( EAT ). All sites must ensure these attributes.

Let’s assume we are doing SEO and Website Backlinks for a coffee shop

Lets aassume my restaurant business and website are coffee related. My coffee page should display good content material. It will have content about great coffee and other relevant coffee keyword terms. Content as seen on Wordstream for terms like ambiance, music, decor, staff are brilliant, etc. If the article is endorsed and published enough by say 30-40 “good quality” reference sites and “linking in” websites then it will receive a vote of confidence from search engines. This will ultimately endorse the business, as reliable and worth visiting.

As backlinks have a strong correlation with rankings and traffic from Google how do we go about getting them ?

It is not so easy but there are software tools that can be used. One product is BuzzStream but there are other including Ninjaoutreach”, or free tools like Gmass and Ahrefs.

These tools allow integrations with a Google scrape/search. They then take the data they find and bring it back to their interface. In continuing with the coffee theme and the coffee business in Cork example, this is how I would use the above tools. I would search on “best coffee in Cork” for example, and it will bring back a list. The list will refer to coffee, coffee making, coffee, and restaurants, etc.

From the results ( which are based on the keywords those sites are using ) I would then scrape those listed businesses, or blog posts, directories, or recipe sites and extrapolate my findings to Buzzstream.

The SEO and Website Backlinks Approach

From these results. I need to systematically
contact them and ask for a back link

With such software , I can see what sites were listed and examine them for good rankings. and other ideal metrics ( DA / PR and . I would then reach out to the companies that were originally found in my search and ask for a referral, or link, or mention / call out using various that might appeal to them.

Before approaching any companies and sites for backlinks it is important that my own coffee shop site is current, has good relevant content with good keyword content, looks professional, and works efficiently. There are many professionals web and SEO professionals out there that can assist with this. If you need help with any SEO or backlinks in Kerry / Cork please drop me a line and I can assist here. I would update my own site and add outbound links to sites that I would like to be backlinking to my coffee shop.

How do I create backlinks – The approach to getting them

Althugh seo-and-website-backlinks is slow and tedious. and takes time, the approach below is effective. When contacting the selected ideal scraped potential partners on my list I need to examine why they might endorse and support my shop. What do they have in common with my coffee shop in Cork ?

1) Using default templates which can be set up on Buzzstream I would contact them and say that I love their site and the article they are doing and that I have linked with them on my site mentioning that I hope my link will help them get more traffic.

Introduction letter on a 3 point backlink campaign with potential bloggers

Afterwards I would send them a follow up, as 20% of contacts will respond on the second attempt. Usually they will respond by thanking me for linking to them.

It is important to follow up. Usually the targeted site will respond, and at that point, you can ask to do a “guest post” on their site

Later I would follow up asking if I could do a “guest post” on their site. If they were a blog site I would indicate to them that I loved the piece they wrote. For example, on their ” Blueberry Cheesecake recipe”. I would mention that I am following their site. I might mentioned their wonderful content and I appreciate the articles they write etc . In doing so would they mind if I share an article with them about the Pavlova recipe that we at “my business” offer. Mentioning further that it uses only 3 ingredients. Also referring to numerous awards it has. Web sites are always looking for new content and if, and when, they accept my offer I will do a new article and add to their site. I will include a backlink to my coffee shop at the home page or to a particular article that I am targeting.

Guestgraphics and infographics- This are merely other techniques to provide relevant information that show ones expertise of subject matter. Visme.co is one site that helps in this.

Inforgraphics Template -They really create impact ?

The beauty of infographics is that it’s quite a strong technique to get backlinks from targeted companies. They look good and are informative and usually the viewer will click on them and share. An animated graphic that is detailed and informative is even better for delivering backlink results.

Ahrefs.com is a great ways to see the back links that my competitor is linked to. Using the Ahrefs website I can see my competitor’s site, and all their backlinks . Knowing such information I can now reach out to my competitor’s backlinks and introduce them to matters of interest.

Knowing the keywords your competitors are using is important . The above is template that can be used. Follow link

As already mentioned back linking is a a slow process but the following tips will help and should be followed . References for this backlink article

I really suggest that you consider checking out these back link references that were used for researching this blogs:

Backlink.io for SEO and backlinks. Buzzstreamcom for backlinks. Neilpatel.com for SEO. Ahrefs.com for Backlinks / Wordstream for  PPC products 

I am available to talk to you if ever you need advice in terms of creating backlinks and social media optimization strategies for your website. Incidentally you may like this article regarding Facebook and marketing on a budget.

SEO and Website Backlinks in 1 minute

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