Month: September 2020

cashless societies and difficulties in paying with cash
Card Services

What are the 3 impacts of cashless societies

Cashlessness payments and how homeless people find it so difficult to buy a coffee or a sandwich in certain shops. It seems like cashless payments have made society less inclusive

Mental Health "I am here"
Mental Health

Mental Health I am here – 1 Great Initiative

Mental Health “I am here” is an initiative I  would like to give a  mention to two great speakers  I came across today. One is  from Prof. Jordan Peterson and a  lecture  he  gave entitled The Reason for  Almost All Mental Illness . If too many things are happening His analysis is  based  on the 

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I don’t understand my card charges

Payment Solutions for Businesses – You deserve the best If you are like me, I bet your card provider in Munster does not make it easy to understand the card charges. ” I don’t understand my card charges “. It is not rocket science but they make it so hard to make head nor sense

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